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Organic Gut Solution
Equine Formula

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Organic Gut Solution creates an environment that flushes out bad bacteria and allows good bacteria to flourish, helping to normalize loose or runny stools. OGS eliminates excess acid that causes gastrointestinal upset. It optimizes pH and harmonizes the digestive tract, allowing horses to receive more nutrients from their feed and helping them gain weight. The intestinal tract is the primary producer of serotonin to maintain emotional balance. When horses are feeling their best, they'll be calmer and will perform better. OGS is a natural way to relieve a horse's anxiety.

  • Coats gastrointestinal ulcers and protects them from excess acid
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Normalizes manure
  • Strengthens immunity against bacteria, parasites, and harmful toxins
  • Soothes skin and coat issues
  • Enhances performance

OGS can be fed to all horses from foal to adulthood. Instructions based on average 1200 lbs equine.

Feed 1 scoop twice per day (scoop included in bag).

Activated Organic Bio Carbon, Montmorillonite, Diatomite

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