LUNA RING™ Heavy Duty

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  • Heavy Duty: at 9" overall diameter, 1.5" thick 
  • KONG® rubber, a proprietary blend of all-natural rubber that provides greater durability and flexibility (weight may vary)
  • Dexterous Surface, Moon Craters, Ridges, Valleys, and Holes - provides a wide variety of options for fruits, veggies, biscuits, as well as semi-soft foods and treats
  • Suspended with a high quality hollow braided rope with a loop end or placed on ground 
  • Made in the USA. Globally sourced materials.
  • Our one-year warranty (read our full warranty here) on our KONG® Equine rubber shows the confidence we have in our product's durability. In the event that an animal ingests our non-toxic KONG® rubber and is unable to pass, the rubber is radiopaque meaning that it will show on radiographs.

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