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KONG Equine

KONG® Equine 8" Traditional

The KONG® Equine 8" Classic is the smallest in the KONG® Equine enrichment family. Ideal for playful foals, ponies, donkeys, and aging horses that need a lightweight alternative to our KONG® Equine 12" Classic. When taken off the carabiner, the KONG® Equine Luna Ring fits snug around the 8" style for additional treat opportunities. Made of the same durable rubber, this well-known shape can be stuffed, frozen, hung, hidden, used in dry or wet environments - there's no limit to the ways in which this product can be used. Its unpredictable bounce helps to stimulate any smaller horse or pony playing with it.

Height Bottom opening
8" 1.5"
  • 1.65 lbs of KONG® rubber, a proprietary blend of all-natural rubber that provides greater durability and flexibility (weight may vary)
  • Comes in a green color
  • Great for stuffing and play in pasture or stall
  • Ideal for small horses, ponies, donkeys or small farm animals.
  • Made in the USA. Globally sourced materials.
  • Our one-year warranty (read our full warranty here) on our KONG® Equine rubber shows the confidence we have in our product's durability. In the event that a horse ingests our non-toxic KONG® rubber and is unable to pass, the rubber is radiopaque meaning that it will show on radiographs.

Unsure of how to start getting the best use out of your KONG® Equine? Here are a few tips and tricks to try out:

  • Stuff the bottom with hay, alfalfa, or larger treats.
  • Smear pastes, peanut butter, apple sauce or any thinner treats to the inside for extended play.

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