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Meet our KONG® Equine Ambassadors!

  • Carmella

    Carmella is the owner and founder of Equine Helper, an online horse brand dedicated to giving equestrians answers to all of their horse-related questions. She grew up learning many different riding disciplines and working with many different horses. Now, she mainly focuses on trail riding and starting her POA pony, Tucker, in low-level eventing.

  • Lexi

    [Bio here.]

  • Shelby

    Shelby is a 25 year old professional horse trainer located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She specializes in work with retiring racehorses, horses with behavioural problems, rescue horses and introducing unstarted horses to life as riding horses. Shelby has completed several equine behaviour and equine sciences courses through Guelph University and has almost earned her certificate. In 2021, she received her IAABC equine behaviour consultant certificate. She has a welfare first approach to horse training and believes most of the issues we encounter are due to misunderstanding horses or inadequately providing their needs.

  • Bella

    [Bio here.]

  • Georgia

    Hi I'm Georgia, better known as LilPetChannel! I am an equestrian YouTuber/influencer. I love to share my riding journey through my socials and cover all aspects of what my life entails owning 7 horses! I love show jumping and I have recently started competing with my youngster.

  • Mollie

    [Bio here.]

  • Lucie

    [Bio here.]

  • Inspiring Riders

    [Bio here.]

  • Mandy

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