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About KONG® Equine

KONG® Equine offers high-quality, dependable, and appropriate enrichment products for your horses. With decades experience in manufacturing and materials, horse health, and superior customer service, KONG® Equine is your premier equine enrichment product source.


KONG® Equine's durable rubber, keeps your horse stimulated and safe. Other enrichment items can break or chip teeth, are harmful if ingested, can cause bodily harm if broken, as well as damage enclosures. KONG® Equine's rubber material is natural, non-toxic, and inert if ingested. Additionally, our products are tough, and are puncture-resistant.

Materials you can trust, designed to be used specifically with your horses.


We designed KONG® Equine products with your diverse needs in mind. As each individual horse's specific needs vary, so do enrichment methods. With KONG® Equine products, you can stuff, hang, and even cut the rubber without losing integrity.

Versatile products give you more options with less to buy.

Customer Service

We're here when you need us. KONG® Equine is committed to total satisfaction, and our team of trained customer service professionals will work with you to ensure proper use of our products.

Drop us a line so we can help you do you.

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