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Will My Horse Like KONG Equine Horse Toys?

Horse owners all over the world are in love with KONG Equine. Getting your hands on the horse toy the equine industry is raving about has never been simpler than asking your local retailers, tack shops, or online retailers. At KONG Equine, we can brag about our toy all day, but hear it for yourself from horse owners:

My Herd Loves It!

I bought this for my Norwegian fjord colts first birthday, he had a blast when I gave it to him all full of birthday goodie snacks. After all the snacks where gone, it was so fun to see that he kept interest in it as the day went on! While he hasn’t lost interest in it & plays with it frequently, my rescue mule is over at the kong playing around with almost 24/7!! We never really have seen her come out of her shell & show her true personality til she started playing with the kong!! I highly recommend for anyones equine!

Absolute New Favorite Toy!

“Sparrow's Grammy bought him their new toy and he absolutely loves it. It was a huge hit last night and he thoroughly enjoyed chewing it. He is currently teething, and he's been chewing wood in his stall so we have tried desperately to find ways to deter him from that. No-chew spray did little to stop the chewing, so we decided filling his stall with stimulations in the form of chewy toys was the best next step! Last night he barely chewed his stall, and he ate every goody and scrap of hay out of his toy. We're going to need to name the toy, naturally as it is a vital part of this family now keeping Sparrow company all night long. This toy is so well made too, and can be hung or left on the ground. It has all different slots for treats to fit in, along with a whole in the bottom to stuff with hay! 10/10 would recommend for a mouthy teething baby horse.”

We Looooove Our KONGs!!

“I can't wait to take them with us to shows this year!!”

BEST Toy Ever!!

“I bought this for my gelding on stall rest and it's keeping him entertained as we recovers. Such a great product with lots of ways to use it. I have stuffed it, kept it on the ground and hung it. He loves it everyway!”

Recommended KONG for Any of my Equine and Barrel Racing Friends

“KONG Equine has helped my gelding on his days off. Not only is it fun to stuff with treats and hang around his stall but we also use it as an extra place for hay. No more pawing the feed bucket for fun when he can use his toy instead.”

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