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How to Prevent Equine Boredom

My Horse is on Stall Rest and They’re Bored. 

Whether your horse is in a pasture or a stall, preventing equine boredom is so important. Many times when horses are placed on stall rest, whether it’s for sport or health, it provides an opportunity for them to develop negative behaviors or become depressed. 

There are always going to be periods of time where your horse is going to be left to their own devices. As much as we would love to spend 24/7 with our horse, it’s just not possible. That’s where incorporating boredom-busting strategies can be so important! Some easy ways to keep your horse happy and mentally engaged are:

    • Feeder Toys – toys keep them active and distracted from stall vices
    • Enrichment Devices – to provide an environment that allows them to participate in equine natural behaviors 
    • Grooming – to boost overall horse health

As with most animals, food is a strong incentive and typically the simplest way to distract your horse and keep them away from boredom. The KONG Equine Hanging Kit with Treat Ring allows you to stuff the hollow inside with large treats, hay, and alfalfa. Then the treat ring allows you to challenge them by stuffing or filling the wells with any consistency horse treat imaginable. It can be hung in their stall or placed in pasture, so wherever your horse spends a majority of their downtime, a toy is still an option for them.

Preventing boredom makes for happier and healthier horses, and gives you, the rider, a bit more peace of mind as well.

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